Love my iPad

I bought an iPad a couple of months ago. I bought the Apple hype. I am a Blackberry person. As a one person association shop, my Blackberry allows me to conduct business when I am away from my office. It is a great email machine, but a horrible reader.

But the iPad has won a place in my repertoire. It allows me to easily carry all the documents I need with me, has a smooth web browser, and is a great reader.

I set up an email account for the iPad, and send what I need to the machine. I have added a few programs that make my life easier. I use PDF Reader Pro to open PDF’s, I use Reeder to keep track of the Blogs I read, and Informant HD to keep track of my schedule.

I serve on the board of the Oklahoma Society of Association Executives and the Putnam City Public Schools District board, and I now email the board packets to my iPad, rather than printing them out. Additionally, I am converting my notes for the courses I teach at OSU/OKC to PDF, and teaching off of the iPad.

I have to say, Informant HD is a great program. It syncs with Google Calendar, which my wife and I use to keep track of our schedules. I love that it is available off-line, so that when I have no wi-fi, I still have my calendar available.

I also use iBooks, Nook, and the Kindle apps. I love reading on the iPad, and use these three apps because not every book I want to read is available on one app. Plus, each app offers free books on occasion.

What I haven’t wrapped my mind around is how this will change how we as associations do business. I do believe that we will have to adapt to the technology, but I am not sure what that will mean. If I am reading a web site on my Blackberry, or my wives iPhone, then I need the website set up for mobile reading. But with an iPad, that is unnecessary. I can see the full website.

So, how do you think the tablet revolution will impact associations?

(ps, I wrote this post on the iPad, using Pages)

2 Responses to “Love my iPad”

  1. Stefanie Reeves Says:

    I have a similar setup except I dumped my blackberry for an android phone. I was initially skeptical about the iPad, but I’ve gotten more work done using that device than my laptop or netbook combined. Simple interface = increased productivity.

    My hope is that associations fully embrace this mobile technology as more of our members demand apps and mobile websites for their devices. For association staff, iPads and smartphones give us the capacity to better serve our members. If I can knock out my inbox on the train, it will give me much more time to spend on the needs of my members.

  2. Shannon Otto Says:

    Hi, Mark – Great post on how the iPad has affected your life. For info on how associations can use iPads, feel free to check out our series at the Splash blog. Last spring, we gave away four iPads to different small staff associations and have been documenting it on the Splash blog.

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